Scott Junior WC GS Pole Green Size 105



Colour: Green
Size: 105

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2012 Scott Junior WC GS Pole Green Size 105

Your junior skiers will get all they want and more with the WC GS JR Ski pole. This fantastic pole by Scott is perfect for speed, agility and comfort. The curvature of the pole of course will look cool to your young ones, but it will in the long run help them. For ski racing, the WC GS JR ski pole curves around the body for a more aerodynamic and ergonomic position while in tuck. But that's not all this ski pole does. The woven nylon straps attached to the poles provide a platform to plant on and push off of. With this, your little daredevils will get the perfect start they need to have a great run down the ski slopes. The straps are engineered with increased strap width in the back of the hand for additional support.

The construction of this Scott ski pole for junior skiers consists of an ice tip, race basket, junior notch and S3 Aluminum. The ice tip is there for usage in extreme conditions. The race basket is designed to minimize drag and wind resistance when racing. This will also help to improve the outcome of the run. The junior notch, made specially for junior skiers, is a grip for smaller hands. The shape of the pole is oval and created with S3 Aluminum. The material makeup of the pole allows skiers to increase their aerodynamic performance and structural rigidity all while maintaining exceptional shock-absorbing properties. But beyond all of the technical features used to make the WC GS JR ski pole, the color scheme proves to be quite awesome! Youngsters and their friends will enjoy the brightness of this Scott pole.

Tip: Ice tip
Basket: Race basket
Shaft material: S3 Aluminum