Salomon Equipe 60 Carbon Pole


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2012 Salomon Equipe 60 Carbon Pole

A lightweight carbon shaft and racing-style basket make the Salomon Equipe 60 Carbon Ski Pole a true race- or training-day performer. With a balanced swing weight, minimal flex, and quick-clip strap attachment, the Equip Pole helps you drive down the track with efficiency and speed.

60-percent carbon shaft has a 16mm top diameter that tapers to 9mm near the tip, allowing for maximum strength with a minimal weight
Cork Click grip uses cork to keep your hand from slipping of the grip and is compatible with instant, removable click-straps
Racing basket is smaller, lighter, and features increased aerodynamics that are designed specifically for skate or classical racing or training on-track
Bottom Line:
Carbon, cork, and ultimate Nordic power.

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