Salomon Active Comp Pole


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2012 Salomon Active Comp Pole

Rather than racing, you choose to spend your time on your skis touring around the track and enjoying your time. The Salomon Active Ski Pole was designed just for people like you. The sturdy composite shaft has a forgiving and easy-on-the arm feel, while the Power Strap wrist strap and EVA grip keeps your hand comfortable lap after lap. Without breaking the bank, the Active Pole gives you a performance touring pole with a few nice-to-have added features.

Composite shaft blends strong and durable materials to offer a versatile, do-it all pole for recreational skiing
EVA grip provides a secure platform for grip and an ergonomic shape that minimizes hand fatigue
Adjustable Power Strap wrist strap uses a quick-clip attachment so you can keep the strap on your glove when you release your pole, and simply click back in once you're ready to go again
Large touring-style basket provides more flotation in fresh snow or non-groomed surfaces and features a larger 11mm steel tip for grip
Bottom Line:
A real pusher that's kind to the body and the wallet.