Rottefella R4 Xcelerator NNN Binding


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2012 Rottefella R4 Xcelerator Skate NNN Binding

The 2012 Rottefella NIS X-celerator skate bindings weigh in at a scant 170g per pair, earning the gold for lightest racing skate bindings in the world. Representing the pinnacle of skate ski bindings technology, the Rottefella Xcelerator features a sleek and super low profile. They are designed to work exclusively with the Nordic Integrated System (NIS). Technologies unique to the Xcelerator bindings include a radically different toe bar clamping mechanism, which uses a burly aluminum lever mounted to a single pivot that latches to the boot’s toe bar in two places, at the edges rather than in the middle, for an unsurpassed clamp engagement. Additionally, the X-celerator Dual Flexors are integrated into one piece for easy removal and replacement.

The Xcelerator bindings adjust along the NIS plate to 5 possible positions to perfectly suit each skier’s weight, snow conditions etc. No screws or drilling required! The Rottefella NIS X-celerator bindings simply slide onto the integrated NIS plate that is factory bonded to the ski using a high-tech process (see below for NIS details and benefits) that results in the closest connection possible between the skate skis and bindings for optimal power transfer and stability when gliding. The wider NIS binding plate allows maximum stability and ski control when skate gliding, turning, ascending and descending. Despite all the high tech innovations, the X-cellerator skate bindings are still compatible with any NNN nordic skating boots!

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Recommended Use:
High-performance to serious skate skiers engaging in regular skate skiing workouts and/or competitive racing. Compatible with any NNN cross country skate ski boots.

Rottefella Xcelerator Skate Bindings Highlights:

The lightest nordic skate racing bindings in the world - 170g/pair.
Innovative and simplified toe bar clamp grabs toe bar in two places for optimum boot/binding engagement.
Dual flexors are integrated into one easily removable and replaceable piece; keeps the ski in a horizontal position very close to the snow, optimizing power and efficiency.
Delivers maximum stability and skate edge control.
Super low profile and sleek.
Compatible with all NNN boots.