2013 K2 Factory Hell Bent Ski

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2012 K2 Factory Hell Bent Ski

The K2 HellBent Ski doesn't take no for an answer. Screw work or hanging out with your gal on a powder day because this freakishly fat and fast beast wants to make sweet love to the goddess of powder. Its meaty 132mm waist and powder rocker profile enable you to bob on the surface, while a soft flex promotes buttering in ways that Buttermilk pancakes can only imagine.

Triaxial braided fir/aspen core gives you a strong, burly ski that rips it both on and off the trail
Durable TwinTech Sidewall construction helps ensure the life of the ski
A Powder Tip profile (raised tip and tail) enables you to scarf down massive amounts of powder, stomp landings, and gives you a "surfy" feel
Its Directional taper (moderately wider tip than tail) makes it ideal for skiing or landing switch
Tip and Tail hardware makes the HellBent compatible with HellBent skins