Fischer RCS Classic Plus NIS MEDIUM



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2012 Fischer RCS Classic Plus NIS MEDIUM

With the 2012 Fischer RCS Classic skis there are absolutely no more excuses about equipment slowing you down. The Fischer RCS Classic skis feature the latest shape, camber and flex demanded on the World Cup Circuit. Ultra-light classic race skis with the lowest swing weight due to high-tech Classic Speed Tip / Classic Speed Tail design. Fastest base structure using Race World Cup processes. Unique 812 camber construction delivers a clear separation between the kick and glide phase - uniformly engages grip then instantly releases for fastest glide. Arrow-shaped side cut design for most efficient performance and dynamics. Patented AirCore construction for lightweight, durability and torsionally rigid skis.

Fischer RCS Classic skis are available in two flexes: Soft Flex - for lighter weight skiers and/or softer snow conditions / Medium Flex - for heavier weight skiers and/or firm, hard-pack snow conditions.

These classic skis are compatible with both SNS and NNN classic ski binding systems.

Recommended Use:
The choice of World Cup and Olympic champions, these Fischer racing classic skis embody engineered perfection for the most efficient and fastest high-caliber classical skiing possible.

Fischer RCS Classic Racing Ski Technology:

BASE FINISH - DIAMOND TUNED GRINDING (DTG) WORLD CUP: synthetic diamonds are used to create the structure in the ski base
812 CAMBER CONSTRUCTION: deliberate separation between kick and glide phases; camber pocket uniformly collapses and engages for grip, then instantly releases for glide for unrivalled quickness and efficiency
CORE - AIR CORE: the patented AirCore technology produces lightweight, durable and torsionally rigid skis; fischer skiis have one of the highest strength-to-weight ratios in the business
EDGE/BASE - POWER EDGE: reinforced ski chassis ensures longer service life; homogenous pressure distribution for uniform wax wear and maximum retention of climbing and gliding characteristics
SWINGWEIGHT - CLASSIC SPEED TIP/SPEED TAIL: speed tip and tail improve swingweight, delivering valuable fractions of a second during step turns, herringboning and cornering; speed tail also reduces swing weight during the recovery phase of the classic stride
PREWAXED: during production, race skis are prewaxed. This reduces base prep time and makes for faster skis in less time
COMPUTER FLEX CONTROL: examines skis individually and matches according to camber height and camber pressure