2013 Dynastar Outland 87 Ski w binding



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2012 Dynastar Outland 87 Ski

Outland all-mountain skis feature award-winning on-trail performance with “crossover” off-trail versatility. all-mountain rocker, 3d wood core construction and lightweight super fiber laminates deliver easier turn initiation, vibration-free stability and strong, full-length edge grip for enhanced carving on groomers. cross over into softer snow and experience effortless off-trail maneuverability. Whether carving on hardpack, cruising through crud or weaving through trees, outland series skis deliver powerful versatility for every side of the resort.

All Mountain Rocker Technology:
• “crossover” on-trail performance and effortless off-trail maneuverability
• moderate tip and tail rocker allows easier turn initiation and soft snow
• providesfull-lengthsidecutengagementforpowerfulandconfidentedge
3d wood Core Construction:
• Thicker core profile at edges provides powerful grip and energy transmission
• milled center reduces weight improving versatility and control
SuPer Fiber:
• basalt and aramide fibers woven into fiberglass for increased strength and rebound
• absorbs vibrations and increases ski-snow contact
• increased dampness and stability without additional weight of metal
• blend of vertical sidewall and cap constructions for superior edge hold combined with comfortable turn transitions
• Vertical sidewalls underfoot provide increased power and edge grip
• cap construction toward tip and tail allows less aggressive turn entry and
Autodrive Fluid Plate:
• Tool-free binding for easy adjustment
• new wider metal binding platform increases leverage and torsional
stiffness for increased power and precision
• rubber boosters store energy and accommodate flex for consistent edge
grip and rebound