Airhole LIPS Face Mask

Colour: Green
Size: L

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2012 Airhole LIPS Face Mask

Airhole are the manufacturers of the best face masks in the business! Along with their creative and fun designs, the signature 'airhole' design expels moisture, retains heat, eliminates goggle fogging and allows for uninterrupted breathing and hydrating from camel packs or water bottles. Wear an Airhole to look good, keep warm and have a better time on the snow...simple!

This Tie-Up Airhole from the Lips Series comes with a stand out stripe print with giant luscious lips.


Dry Tech - a high-tech fabric developed by Airhole which quickly moves moisture to the outer layer of the mask, away from your skin, where it can quickly evaporate leaving you with warm and dry fabric against your face
Airhole - research and testing has revealed a perfect size, shape and position for the oval opening in the mask. Breathe and talk freely without moisture build-up or excessive heat loss
Woven Labels - unique Airhole detailing
Tie-Up - flexibility to fit all